Nutritionist in your pocket

Lumen measures your metabolism in a single breath and helps you lose weight and optimize your workouts. Coming soon to Indiegogo.



Lifestyle Matters.

It shouldn't come at the expense of your wellness. Champion both: A system designed to match your daily rhythm.

Find your better you.

Start a journey. You're ready.

You are unique. The things that nourish you are unique. Your body relies on different nutritional profiles to train, sleep, recover, play, and grow. So how do you start this journey? You probably have a lot of questions, we all do.

Picture answers

What should you be eating and when?
Do you have enough energy for your workout?
What does healthy eating mean?

Picture control

Enough restriction, enough elimination. Your day, recalibrated constantly to adapt to your every step, sip, swallow.

Picture guidance

Expert feedback coupled with real time reflection and insight. Weight management, done dynamically. Performance optimization, done intelligently.

Picture achievements

Reaching your goals, at your own pace. Seeing progress from day one. feeling good. Feeling confident.

Now, picture Lumen.

Metabolism is Life

Metabolism is the process by which your body converts the food you consume into energy for immediate use or to be stored for later.

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